Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Will Robinson, I Never Had a Chance: The Sound of Arrows' Danger!

I've fallen in love with Sweden's The Sound of Arrows, composed of Oskar Gullstrand and Stefan Storm, based on the strength of their single Danger!, which falls somewhere between Peter, Bjorn and John and the bouncier, gypsy side of Patrick Wolf's The Magic Position. When I listened to the rest of the original material off their EP of the same name, they instantly became one of my new favourite bands.

The Intro for the EP is a brief, twinkling track with harp flourishes, and leads into the title track with which I am so enamoured. Its skipping intro reminds me of something wonderful that I can't put my finger, or ear on at the moment (maybe a twee version of Justin vs SMD's We Are Your Friends), and when the chorus riff kicks in, I go into some sort of sugar shock - like I got a hit of some particularly fantastic drug. The Mr. Pedro remix, which I'm also including for download, is a brilliant 80's synthpop take on it. The next track, A Very Sad Song, swirls through The Radio Dept-esque reverb and hovering synths while guitars come forward in the mix halfway through. It feels like a refreshing sea breeze carrying a single red balloon off into the stratosphere. Winding Roads is more subdued dreampop with a gentle piano line bolstered by bell chimes and electronic whizzes. Its layered, overlapping vocals are like cumulus clouds scudding across the summer sky. In fact, the whole EP is pop genius, and with all sky/cloud metaphors exhausted, it encompasses an irrepressible joy and freewheeling freedom.

You can stream some of the songs off the EP (basically everything but the remixes) at and then purchase it for a mere six euros at Labrador. The Sound of Arrows aimed right for my heart and definitely hit their target.

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