Sunday, August 3, 2008

Everyday is Like Sunday, Except for Blue Monday and Ruby Tuesday, and...Well, Friday I'm in Love: Weekly Mix #28

I apologize for the absolute shoddiness of this week's mix, which happens to be yet another collection of cover versions. Unfortunately, the fact my 100-page MA thesis was due early this week has eaten up any brain space and time for this entire past week. Last night, as I stared at a waffle and contemplated throwing it across the room, shouting "Look! A luftwaffle!," I realized that I might have been working too hard this past week. Don't be fooled by the time stamp on this post - in reality, I'm posting this thing on Tuesday. The benefit of making a mix of cover versions is it takes slightly less time in terms of selection (as opposed to trying to represent a particular feeling, theme or genre) - it is the lazy person's mixtape.

For now, I leave you with the above video of Indochine's cover of Dead or Alive's You Spin Me Round (I find this song even more amusing in the distinctly French accent - and on a slightly more random tangent, I really wish Pete Burns hadn't messed with his face, making a pretty man a distinctly frightening woman - and on an even more random tangent, I wonder if Pete Burns and Morrissey are still friends). Incidentally, I found out about this cover at Coast to Coast. I promise that next week will be a more thoughtful mix, and hopefully, I can catch up and write an extra post this week to make up for last week's slim pickings.

This mix is still pretty good considering the fact it includes the absolutely chilling cover of REM's Everybody Hurts by Bodies of Water, the eeriness of Einsturzende Neubauten's cover of Lee Hazlewood's Sand, and the delicate beauty of Bat for Lashes recent cover of The Cure's A Forest. And because there's always that chance I will squeeze in some sort of music from the best film in the world, Labyrinth, there's a rather bizarre cover of one of Bowie's Muppet masterpieces in there as well. I'll call this mix Luftwaffle.

Does Your Mother Know - Ash (Original: ABBA)

Ballroom Blitz - The Damned (Original: Sweet)

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - Devo (Original: The Rolling Stones)

All the Young Dudes - The Skids (Original: Mott the Hoople/David Bowie)

Magic Dance - Kelley Polar (Original: David Bowie/various goblin muppets)

Heaven - Lorraine (Original: Psychedelic Furs)

Love is the Drug - Kylie Minogue (Original: Roxy Music)

1234 - Bikini (Original: Feist)

The Boys Are Back in Town - The Cardigans (Original: Thin Lizzy)

The Man Who Sold the World - Ed Kuepper (Original: David Bowie)

Zombie - Ephraim Uzomechina Nzeka (Original: Fela Kuti)

She's Lost Control - The Raveonettes (Original: Joy Division)

Sand - Einsturzende Neubauten (Original: Lee Hazlewood)

Drive - The Veils (Original: REM)

Crown of Love - This Is Ivy League (Original: Arcade Fire)

Everybody Hurts - Bodies of Water (Original: REM)

Late Night - This Mortal Coil (Original: Syd Barrett)

A Forest - Bat For Lashes (Original: The Cure)

All Cats Are Grey - Band in Box (Original: The Cure)


JC said...

If this is what you can produce when under pressure and feeeling the strain....well, I cant wait for the quality and brilliance of a chilled and relaxed Anglopunk when she has that scroll that confirmd she is a very clever young lady.

Good luck with the thesis. Not that I reckon you need it....

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