Monday, August 25, 2008

Everyday is Like Sunday, Except for Blue Monday and Ruby Tuesday, and...Well, Friday I'm in Love: Weekly Mix #31

It's often difficult to tell how an artist will be without the band he/she started with. Fans get very attached to bands as a whole, and whether the band actually breaks up or the members decide to do side projects, they're always comparing the solo projects with the original band line-up. Some, like Morrissey and Bjork, go on to have very successful careers on their own while others like Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler never regain the same magic they had together when on their own (they couldn't even recapture that magic when back together as The Tears). Others continue with the same smaller, cultish fanbase they had in the firstplace. And still others, manage to form new bands and collaborations that either flourish or flop. The big question is: where is Crispin Hunt? Last I heard, he's forming bands and projects only never to release anything (except for the oddly-titled project Mayonnaise four years ago). Don't get me wrong, I really like Richard Hawley, but surely more potential could come out of the long defunct Longpigs.

Because I'm a bit short on time this week, I've included a bunch of artists that went solo after being in bands I quite love. Not comprehensive, but I can always make a second mix in the future. I'm going to call this mix One Wo/Man Show.

And if it seems like I'm even more lazy with this blog than usual this week, it's because I'm headed off to Edmonton to present a paper at an academic conference and won't be back til the beginning of next week. I'll try to come up with some extra stuff when I get back.

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