Sunday, September 14, 2008

Everyday is Like Sunday, Except for Blue Monday and Ruby Tuesday, and...Well, Friday I'm in Love: Weekly Mix #34

Although the weather hasn't quite made the definitive switch to autumn over here, I decided to anticipate it a little bit with this week's mix. There are many who hate fall because the fun of summer holidays is over or because it is the messenger that indicates winter is coming. All I can say is don't shoot the messenger. I quite love autumn. It is a season of perfect temperatures and beautiful colours, delicious foods and Halloween, harvest and abundance. Being a nerd, I also associate the autumn with returning to school, which was a rather exciting time in anticipation of learning new things, especially when I was in university. I like the crisp air and the smoky smell of fields burning mixed with the spicy scent of the leaves drifting from branch to puddle. Cozy indoor living interspersed with brisk walks suits me much more than outdoor barbeque/beach weather. There's a magic and hush to the fall season that weaves its way through corn mazes and the famous mist that Puff the Magic Dragon frolicked in. It's the same place the headless horseman rides through gnarled trees with moribund leaves.

The following mix has a few directly related "autumn" songs (apparently I'm in the minority of autumn lovers as songs seem to celebrate summer far more, and when musicians do write about autumn they often associate it with death and a profound sense of loss - go figure...I like melancholic music). I sacrificed a few of the autumn titles I had, including Malcolm Middleton's Autumn and Die Mannequin's Autumn Cannibalist (which shares its name with one of my favourite Dali paintings), for the sake of the mix's feel. In addition to autumn songs, this compilation also includes some songs that just give me that autumny feeling without any relation to autumn at all. Grab a bowl of butternut squash soup and light the fireplace. This mix is called Thou Hast Thy Music Too.

Harvest Home - Big Country

Applebush - Josef K

Autumn - Bombay Bicycle Club

Brothers & Sisters - Duels

Autumnsong - Manic Street Preachers

No Winter, No Autumn - Moscow Olympics

Autumn Almanac - The Kinks

Trumpets and Violins - Suburban Kids With Biblical Names

September Lady - Felt

Bedroom Scene - The Delays

Unshakable - Autumn's Grey Solace

Vanilla Scent - Six Red Carpets

Summer Gave Us Sweets But Autumn Wrought Division - The Strange Death of Liberal England

In Remote Part/Scottish Fiction - Idlewild

Autumn is Your Last Chance (Acoustic) - Robyn Hitchcock

We Coughed Up Honey - Bodies of Water

Ghosting - Mother Mother

The Blower's Daughter - Damien Rice

Autumn - Kingfishers Catch Fire

Augustine - Patrick Wolf


Rol said...

I do like a nice Autumn day myself... but I find things to enjoy in most seasons. I like the change.

Nice selection of songs though.

mp3hugger said...

Good to see Six Red Carpets in there, a fine Italian band.

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