Saturday, September 27, 2008

Everyday is Like Sunday, Except for Blue Monday and Ruby Tuesday, and...Well, Friday I'm in Love: Weekly Mix #36

Because it's been a rather sickly, bedridden week, and also because this theme was received so well the first time I posted a mix for it, I've opted to do a sequel to the synthpop mix from over a month back. Who needs antibiotics when you have music composed on a Fairlight?

Once again, you'll find a mix of old and new, popular and more obscure. And in the cases of Duran Duran, Pet Shop Boys, Visage and Figures on a Beach, you'll be getting your second dose of them this time round. I also want to note that the track by Bazooka Joe is not by the Bazooka Joe that Adam Ant was in; instead, it's from an equally short-lived band from the UK that produced one album and included Paul Dillon, an ex-founding member of The Cassandra Complex. And you'll be getting a bonus track from Flight of the Conchords, their take on West End Girls, which is called Inner City Pressure. (Completely useless digression: every time I hear West End Girls now I think of Phil Jupitus in a gold lamé shirt yelling "buh-ba-buh-BA!" at Jonathan Ross on an early episode of Never Mind the Buzzcocks.) This mix is called A Way to Keep My Troubles Distant.

Planet Earth (Night Version) - Duran Duran

In Camera Obscura (12" Dance Mix) - Figures on a Beach

Kelly (Album Version) - Van She

Lights & Music - Cut Copy

The Promise (O.N. Mix) - When in Rome

West End Girls (Dance Mix) - Pet Shop Boys

Nothing Comes to Mind - Cause & Effect

You Spin Me Round (Murder Mix) - Dead or Alive

Get Seduced - The Faint

I Wish - Real Life

The Promise - Visage

Dancing With Tears in My Eyes - Ultravox

In the House - Images in Vogue

Breaking the Boundary - Fiat Lux

Don't You Want Me (Extended Mix) - The Human League

Radio Heart - Radio Heart featuring Gary Numan

Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics

Listening - Pseudo Echo

Billy's Fever - Bazooka Joe

Feel the Silence - Elegant Machinery

Courtship Dating - Crystal Castles

Blue Years - Little Nemo

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye - Soft Cell

Bonus Track:

Inner City Pressure - Flight of the Conchords

Weekly Mix #36 (Megaupload)