Friday, April 4, 2008

I'm Still Alive, Soon to Be Returning to Regularly Scheduled Programming

I just wanted to post something to let those who read this blog know that I'm still alive, and no, music hadn't stopped this week. I just stopped due to a massive bout of bronchitis with a possible side dish of throat infection. It's been a rough week, but I'm starting to feel better today (minus some of the havoc the antibiotics are wreaking on my stomach). I've also realized how very difficult it is being so incredibly ill with no one around to help you (and whoever designed bunkbeds had no conception of people without hardy immune systems). So, I'm posting a few tracks that have appropriate titles, which don't necessarily extend to appropriate lyrical content. I don't want to make a habit of posting these short little write-ups with tracks that loosely match my mood or events in my life - that's not what this blog was intended for. But I'm still convalescing and a bit panicked over some backed-up work because of my lost week, so I'll forgive myself this time. I could have actually put down about ten different Smiths songs because apparently fevered delirium brings on Smiths songs running on neverending loops for me (I love Panic, but hearing it over and over while lying awake in fever is not particularly great). This could have also been brought on by the fact I had been reading a Morrissey biography before I got really ill.

Sick - Sneaker Pimps

My Iron Lung - Radiohead

Sleep Deprivation - Simian Mobile Disco

Can't Get Out of Bed - Charlatans

Death At One's Elbow - The Smiths